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Basic information

Teximp Universal Robot Cell is an all inclusive robotic automation solution for your Haas machine. The URC-35P is based on Fanuc M-20iD/35 robot arm addapted for handling pallets or vises.

Robot hand description

Fanuc robot M20iD/35

  • 6-axis vertical robot 
  • Load capacity 25 kg / reach 1813mm
  • A plus cabinet
  • I/O modules; DI16 / DO16 
  • DCS Dual Check Safety Position (J567)
  • Soft Float (J612)
  • Touch Skip (J921)
  • Singularity Avoidance (R792)
  • User Socket Messaging (R648)
  • Karel (R632)

Loader Table

Compact but heavy loader table with front entrance.

  • Table size 980 x 700mm 
  • Docking station with four pockets 
  • Three pins for quick pallet changing
  • Omron safety light curtain, cat.4
  • Control button 3
  • LED status beacon
  • Electrical cabinet and cables

Pallet Rack

The URC-35 Palletizing has been eqiuped with one big size rack capacity 42 pockets. Cell can be extended with 2nd big size rack and one slim cabinet.

  • Big rack / 42 pockets as standard
  • 2nd big rack / 42 pockets available
    for storing additional pallets or additional / special tools
  • Slim cabinet / 14 pockets available
    for storage of additional pallets or automatic gripper change

Pallet type

The URC-35P can handle pallets or vices. System coming with five BIANCO pallets size 160x170mm and five PowerFix 80 vices. Other pockets should be filled in additionally.

Pallet size:  

  • 160x170x30 (Aluminum / 2.0kg) 
  • 320x230x30 (Aluminum / 4.0kg)
  • 160x340x30 (Aluminum / 5.7kg)

Pallet type:

  • Thread
  • T-nut
  • Bianco

Vice type:

  • PowerFix 80

Includes Safety Option

Loading pallets or vices on the rack can be done from the URC part table by robot, but should be possible to fill up it directly.

  • Plexy cover as standard
  • Omron Light Curtain availableon request
  • Partial entrie cabinet on request

Included Interface to the Haas machines

Teximp Robot Interface includes all needed to connect the URC to any Haas machine. Support Haas Mill machines, with NGC and CHC control.

  • Communication CNC <=> URC, I/O, M-fin, safety
  • Preparing for a Clamping device
    (2nd clamping device available)
  • Preparing for a PAD
  • Preparing for an external Air Blow

Gripper Configuration

Teximp Gripper Interface includes all needed for clamping pallet or vice on robot side. 

  • Gripper carrier 90°
  • Schunk Gripper JGP-P 160-2 (2pcs)
    Stroke per jaw [mm] = 8
    Recommended workpiece weight [kg] = 24.5
  • Preparation for vice/pallet clamping
  • Sensors G1/G2 - clamped/unclamped
  • Blower nozzle

Included Auto Door

The URC-35 Palletizing may be fitted on certain Haas machines. Following PAD models are available:

  • PAD-HaasUMC-side
  • PAD-HaasVF-side

Programming Option

Visual Programming Dialog allows operator to easy and quick programing, no programming knowledge of Fanuc required. 
Our engineers may prepare job list, where changing whole setup can be switched only with one parameter.  

  • Easy visual programming 
  • No additiobal hardwre needed